Saturday, October 6, 2012


In general terms, the two main blogs on Silk-Reeling (Six Harmonies) and Jin fulfill a baseline of information that I think people in the internal martial-arts should have.  It's amazing how many "teachers", "tournament winners", "push-hands champions", etc., in the West have no idea about those basics.  Even a guy who purports to have one of the world's greatest understandings of internal strength (but never studied a Chinese martial-art) was completely flummoxed and didn't recognize basic jin when he saw it.  It's embarrassing.  The study of internal martial-arts has become some sort of merit badge for people who have little interest in the topic other than as a status symbol and access to chat groups in order to do some role-playing.

I know there are some really serious investigators out there, but they're not that easy to find, so my suggestion to beginners is to try to understand the basic principles in the two main blogs and then to use those as a basis for searching out legitimate teachers.   If someone doesn't have the baseline information, the rest of what they're doing has to be wrong.  Good luck out there.

More in-depth discussions of a lot of these topics often are done on the QiJin forum, with the caveat that I'm personally trying to disengage more on QiJin and let others do the talking.

Mike Sigman

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  1. Finding someone who is authentic is......extremely difficult.